A Reminiscence: Part 1

Sometimes, it just takes a trigger for nostalgia to hit you hard. A couple of days back, a song I heard made me quite emotional- the lyrics, they seemed visual to me. Taking me on a trip down the memory lane of childhood. Times before the internet had permeated our lives, when relationships were stronger and more genuine, when emotions were real and above it all, when lives were simpler and 'richer'.

Every summer, my parents & I, would pack our bags for a month long vacation to my grandparents'. Lots of laughter, innumerable tales to tell, lip-smacking food, fresh air and loads of fun. A real "holiday-home", better than any resort you can take me to.

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Cursive writing comprised an important part of my summer vacations during primary school. I'd say a boon now-considering how Convent school handwriting always stands apart! Looking for interesting pieces from newspapers, Readers' Digest and penning down grandpa's stories would make up thirty percent of my vacation. I'd wake up early in the morning, to pick flowers from the garden and bunch them into bouquets for the vases at home. This was followed by a hot steaming breakfast- usually my grandma's delicious dosas, vadas or idlis & filter coffee. Later, a walk down to the market to pick up fresh produce would follow. Life was simple. Evenings were spent in watering the garden. My grandparents had a lovely garden- filled with hibiscus, jasmine, rose, marigold plants. Among the fruit trees were coconut, pomegranate, jack-fruit and guava. They tended it lovingly and gave away plants & fruits whenever the neighbors wanted some. My feet covered in red soil, I would then go off to play with the neighborhood children. Hopscotch, Dog & the Bone, Ghost in the Graveyard, Hide & Seek & so many I fail to remember now. We played till after the sun had set & our mothers had to call us back.

(to be contd..)


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