My #MaxFreshMove: A Musical Flashdance

I had always wanted to enroll into a dance academy since my teenage years, to learn some of those amazing steps I watched my favorite movie stars do on television. But I never had seriously given it a thought. Hence, a couple of months back, when one of the popular dance academies in Mumbai started a new center two blocks always from my house, I immediately went ahead. I got myself registered for the weekend batch & was super excited. My first class was way beyond my expectations - I made new friends, got an amazingly talented teacher (who appreciated me right on my first day!) & learned several dance moves.

As the days passed, I would wait eagerly for the weekends for my dance classes. Soon, we were told there would be shows which we would be called for & we should perform really well as only the best ones would be chosen for the final shows. Soon enough, one day, we were told that 20 of us are selected for a dance show in a new upscale mall opening in Cuffe Parade in South Mumbai. The mall was s state of the art infrastructure & it was to be a grand opening with the Chief Minister himself inaugurating it. Several celebrities & brand endorsers were to be present for the show. I was really excited. This was to be my first public performance & I jumped with joy. We started practice in full swing.

The event was to be held, a week later on a Sunday & the mall was to be opened for the public on the same day. Our dance was to be turned into a flash dance & I literally did a back flip when I learned that, we were to be joined by the extremely talented film actor- Allu Arjun. Allu Arjun is a Telugu film actor who's won 2 Filmfare Awards & is known to be a great dancer. His moves are smooth & in his movies, pulled off challenging dance moves. I'm a huge fan & having got an opportunity to do a dance number with him was amazing. The music to our dance was to be given by Anushka Manchanda, another immensely talented young singer who rose to fame with "Viva"- the only Pop Girl Band by Channel V. Anushka has belted out some beautiful numbers in the past like the Golmaal Title song, Dum Maaro Dum, Allah Duhai Hai to name a few.
Allu Arjun
I was absolutely sure that this was going to be a success with Allu Arjun & Anushka accompanying us. Plus, it being a flash mob, the audience was sure to enjoy being part of the dance & music. Finally, the D-day arrived. I was all jittery & nervous about forgetting some of the dance steps. We reached the venue & a few minutes later were joined by Allu Arjun & Anushka. We rehearsed & were finally ready.
Anushka Manchanda
At 6PM, after the inauguration, people started coming in. The mall looked swanky & was lit up. Some new international brands had set shop here for the first time. The excitement levels grew backstage, we were about to start anytime. Anushka appeared on stage to the huge applause by the audience. And then we started, I jumped in when my part came & saw that several people had already joined into the flash mob. Just then, Allu Arjun entered, and the crowd went wild. Wow!!!! What an experience it was ! Allu Arjun with his sensational moves & Anushka Manchanda's magical voice added so much energy, freshness & spark to the whole evening that I was smiling for a long while after. My first dance performance with these maestros would be always close to my heart.

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