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It has always intrigued me to watch cocktails, mock tails or different concoctions of any drink being made. The different flavors, liquids & ingredients added give the drink a taste & twist of its own. I try not looking at ingredients when ordering a drink, & later play a game of guess the items. Bartenders use their creativity in churning out delicious mixes playing with the skill they possess. "Shaken, not stirred, with a large thin slice of lemon peel.”. That’s how James Bond demands his vodka martini. People have been mixing drinks since as long as the 17th & 18th century. There are several interesting stories behind the origin of the name, "Cocktail". Maybe, I'll save those stories for some other day.

Here, I'm listing out several cocktail recipes which I've seen my friends make. Its simple & easy. Some of them would have a desi Indian twist to them.
  • Mojito- It is a rum based cocktail offering a fresh hint of lime & mint.
  • Long Island Iced Tea- I'm sure the name fooled you! Beware! Its a concoction of gin, tequila, vodka & rum. So take it lightly there!
  • Bloody Mary- This one contains a vodka base mixed with some tomato juice & tobasco sauce.
  • Cosmopolitan - Most girls prefer this for the lovely pink hue of the drink. An extremely easy one to make with vodka, lime & cranberry juice.
  • Pina Colada- What is a holiday without some pina colada! With a coconut & pineapple base, this one contains ice & vodka.
And last comes the Sangria- A perfect drink to accompany you on a romantic evening or a brunch with friends. This one consists of red wine & cut pieces of fruit.
There are many more you can definitely try out - margarita, manhattan, negroni, hurricane, mai tai,appletini, tequila sunrise etc.

The Pub Finder in India in India, will help you taste several of these lovely drinks. However, with the growing influence of social media & movies, young adults, are soon turning to alcohol at a young age. Different states in India prescribe different age limits for drinking. "Live Responsibly"

Disclaimer: This blogpost caters to audience above 25 years only



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