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IndiMeets are always fun! This one especially which was held last Saturday in Mumbai in association with Berger Paints. What got me all excited was the "colors" bit- it has been years that I got my hands dirty with paint and colors, and so I eagerly looked forward to the fun afternoon. It was lovely to see some familiar faces as I entered. The Inditeam, warm as ever assisted us with all the event details. After the registration and a delicious meal at the Taj Vivanta ,where the event was being held, we seated ourselves amidst a lot of chatter and infectious positive energy in the room. 

"The Stage"

The host for the event, Anoop, kept us all at the edge of our seats with fun exercises and some leg-pulling. We started with musical chairs (with a twist, of course!). After warming up to some "Dancing with the Chairs", and some rounds of introductions for the new and old Indibloggers, we were all geared up for more. Bloggers were being recognized with vouchers for best tweets, insta posts and pictures and most of us were busy typing away throughout the event! (And oh yes, I won one too!😀 )
My Berger #PicOftheDay
The next session introduced us to an innovative new style of painting by Berger Paints called Express Painting. This style uses automatic machines for all the work involved- right from scraping the walls to smoothen them to removing the dust to even painting them evenly. This not only reduces the average time required for painting an entire house (externally or internally) but also lowers the effort to clean the dust and wait patiently for the entire process to be completed. A 2 week period now reduces to a 2 day window with Berger Express Painting! Now if that hasn't surprised you, there's more!!! The cost involved remains the same too! No additional charges at all! A stress free and a hassle free painting technique indeed!!! Mr. Chandranath Banerjee explained the process very well along and we were shown some advertisements too! 
Several Indibloggers asked questions on the techniques and tools to Mr. Banerjee. The tools- Sanding Machine, Multipurpose Mixer, Auto Roller, High Pressure washer etc. were put up for display at the venue too.
One of the "Express Painting" tools
Later, there were a lot of fun team events lined up for us. My team was named, "Team Cleaners". We started with an activity which involved smoothening a surface using sand paper. Geared up in headcaps, gloves and masks, we were all set for "Operation Safai". After a short tea break, we were back for some more painting. The theme was- "Mumbai" and all the teams did exceptionally well. We used Berger colors and drew on a canvas. The beautiful paintings were later presented by each team.

The afternoon ended with a smile on every face. Thank you Team Indiblogger and Berger for a fun Saturday. we were handed a goodie bag with information on the Express Painting techniques and a coffee mug. 

Looking forward to the next one soon! Cheers..

The Customary Indi picture (Courtesy- Indi Team and Berger)


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