Repair it. Fixit.

When was the last time you went for a check up? Doesn't your body give you signs that you need something? And then one fine day, give way unless you take good care of it. It's the same case with the house you stay in. Any building needs constant maintenance what with the heavy rains, the constant direct sun and wear & tear. Externally, a building may look okay but internally be damaged. Old, dilapidated buildings are seen at every nook & corner in Mumbai. You'll find one on every street and there's always the horrifying news of a building collapsing. But even then, the repairs are always postponed. Building failures can be divided off into two broad groups of structural failures & application failures. Most of the building collapses are due to low quality of material used, inadequately trained manpower and inadequate supervision in constructing the multi storey structures so commonly seen. Structural audit is a must for every building. Most societies consider redevelopment as an alternative to repairs.But this is not an alternative which will rectify issues.

Regular repairs and audits are vital elements in sustaining a structure and will prolong the need for redevelopment.It is not the external look & charm of the building that should be a priority but how well the foundation stands the test of time. Remedial action when damage is in its initial stage will prevent excessive expenditure at a later date.

With technology helping us with faster and better techniques, Dr. Fixit from the House of Pidilite is a new age technique which provides a surface wise water proofing solutions which are not only aesthetically good but provide a safety net to the building by way of preventing leakeages and seepages via remedial waterproofing. It provides a range of specialist structural repair products.

An awareness campaign launched by Dr. Fixit called, "Building a healthy society" speaks about the need for the right and timely diagnosis with expert solutions for any surface area. There is no one fit solution to all structures which is what makes the service so important. 
Preventive maintainence is very important. For a 15 year old building, an audit every five years is a must.

Don't be your own doctor and seek assistance from the experts. Dr. Fixit provides  customised Tech Services as well where you can reach out with your query. 

"Prevention is better than cure" and there's always someone to assist you at Dr. Fixit.


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