When you're happy & you know it, clap your hands!

"Raindrops on roses
And whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things"

The words from one of my favorite songs. One of those numbers which always bring a smile to my face and instantly cheers me up. Happiness to me is a light headed feeling, of not wanting the moment to end and a glowing face. Now, who wouldn't want it to last forever? But well, it's only the absence of something which makes you appreciate it all the more. Without sounding too philosophical now, I'll now write about those which give me my dose of endorphins! 

Flowers, birds, butterflies, trees, treks, mountains, seasides, puppies, et al (except any reptiles :P) make my ears perk up! Well, you've got it right- Nature and wildlife- my weaknesses. Being amidst nature makes me the happiest. And add to that the company of my favorite people- I'll be in heavenly bliss! Travel for me always needs to be atleast 80% of nature trails, hikes, sanctuaries etc. You ask why? Well for one, being amidst nature is rejuvenating, complete in itself. Even imagining myself in a field filled with yellow daffodils and a bright sun shining down upon me puts me in a happy place. A babbling brook, a scampering squirrel, chirping birds, swishing of the fir trees, bleating goats, a whistle of a shepherd and a cup of tea! BLISS! I am happiest when I'm amidst all of this. There are so many other things too which bring me joy- which I'll write about in another post soon!

We've often heard the saying, "Life is simple, why complicate it unnecessarily?". Holds so true! Happiness is a string of those small moments with your loved ones.. A string woven into Life.

What makes your eyes twinkle and plasters that smile on your face? What makes you happy? 😌 Write in with your comments. 

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Qualified! 😊


  1. Hello

    This is Kemi from Nigeria. Love your blog
    This was also one of my fave songs

    I can feel the joy ou derive from writing too. Awesome

    My blog is kemisolawrites.blogspot.com. I mostly write and link everything to my faith in Christ. But I enjoy reading from others too. sharing a prt of them

    Anyway, enough with the rambling...How did you get your images everywhere. Just got my template update and need some major refurbishments. I am using your blog as a guide...lol

    and hey, I just clapped my hands. I am a very happy person.

    Hope to hear from you

  2. Hi Kemi! Thank you for writing in ! :) Love to hear from other bloggers! I'm glad you like writing too! Will check some of your pieces soon!
    Got my blog template as a standard one on blogger !


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