The Sands of Time..

At some stage in life, each one of us goes through a phase where we question our relationships with people..those we know since years & the ones, who we knew so well, but don't any longer.. In the past few days, I've been thinking of the latter category.. Where did we lose touch.. why don't we talk the same way we used to ..etc.. These "thinking episodes" usually end with me, blaming self, for not having kept in touch or calling them often. But in hind sight, when I go through my messages be it on Whatsapp or a social networking site, I see that, I've tried- even if its not once a week..we've spoken at least once a month. 

This led me to think some more & I've come to the conclusion that there is not better way to keep in touch than call or meet the person personally. But, due to busy schedules, its usually not possible. However, deep down in my heart, I feel, if you want someone to remain a part of your life, you'll make time for him/her ALWAYS. It's all about priorities & they keep changing. And its not only priorities, people change too for a variety of reasons. It should never be a one sided effort in any kind of relationship. 
Hence, in the times, when I'm down & out & upset about why things are , the way they are-I hold on to those happy memories which make me smile at the joyous memories. 

Have you'll had any such experience? Would love to hear :-)


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