Declutter with this simple storage solution- BoxMySpace to your rescue!

Mumbai rentals count amongst the most expensive world over. Owning a 2BHK is considered a luxury & a middle class family spends its lifetime saving to buy one in Mumbai. Naturally, due to smaller houses, space crunch is a major issue. The same holds for me as well. Being a voracious reader, my room over the years has been deluged in a flood of books right from Dan Browns to Marketing books of Kotler. Like any other lover of books, I usually avoid giving away my books. I donate some every year, but there are hundred others, which I like to re-read. Till a few days, I was in a dilemma over this as the shelf had literally no space to accommodate any more books & every other space had been eaten up too. It was then that I heard about BoxMySpace while browsing the internet. 

The box used for storage
Boxmyspace is a simple and secure storage solution which helps people store their unwanted stuff and clear up space in their home and office. This venture currently operating in the Mumbai region, provides storage at the customer’s doorstep. Once, you’ve decided the stuff you want to store with BoxMySpace, all you have to do is call them & order boxes. Each box is made of plastic, about 3 sq. feet (refer to picture). The number of boxes required by you are then dropped off & once you’ve fit in the stuff, they are collected & stored by BoxMySpace. The customer is given up to 7 days to pack their stuff in the box. 

However, before the filled boxes are taken away for storage, pictures are taken (a top view) & uploaded to the customer’s account. The whole process is smooth & seamless. The pictures ensure that officials can identify the contents of the box if need be in case of any issue. Each box is then closed with an anti-tamper seal & an inventory sheet is filled in by the customer with all the items they have stored in the box.
Labelled box

The company provides a 24 hour delivery service when a customer wants the boxed items to be returned.

Currently, BoxMySpace has a web portal & a mobile app which can be used for making transactions, scheduling pick up & drop of boxes. This facility has come as a blessing to those who want to clear away unwanted stuff but do not want discard them as yet basically de-cluttering. Books, winter wear, baggage, utensils etc. can be stored. 
Stored stuff

Space storage facilities are also provided for bigger items such as furniture & utility items. Spaces up to 4×4 and 6×6 packages are provided.

With a pricing which is light on the pocket & free pick up & drop, this is a service which is brilliant. Plans start from as low as INR 99 per month & also include 6 monthly & yearly subscription models.

Currently, storage warehouse facilities are in Bhiwandi & Santacruz where the boxes are stored.

I used the service to store some of my books & other random unwanted clutter, & I felt the concept & process was really good. A happy customer, indeed! :-)


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