Heidi is one of my most favorite cartoons of all time. I remember rushing home from school, to first switch on the TV to watch Heidi. So recently when I got hold of all the episodes once again, my happiness knew no bounds. 

Heidi is a story about a young girl in the Swiss Alps, who lives with her grandfather & his dog, Joseph. Orphaned when she was just a baby, Heidi is raised by her aunt who later has to leave her in the care of her grandfather in the mountains.Her grandfather is known to be at odds with the village folk & lives by himself in a cottage high up in the mountains. It is adorable to see how his heart warms up with Heidi's daily talk & activities. With her angelic face & heart of gold, Heidi makes everyone fall in love with her. 

There is so much to learn from each episode. Living a life of simplicity with the goats & amidst nature, Heidi shows us the strength of character, of adjusting easily in harsh environments & winning over everyone by pure love. Like a ray of sunshine, she soothes humans & animals alike , inspiring with her enthusiasm for life.

A free spirited young girl, not attracted by material pursuits, Heidi warms all the viewers with her innocence. She values her friendship be it with Peter, the shepherd boy or with Clara, a disabled girl. She exudes positivity every moment.

Heidi, a children's fiction is by Johanna Spyri & is one of the best known Swiss works of children's literature.

Sadly, the show isn't being aired currently on any Indian TV channel. For those who have not watched it, I definitely recommend it.

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