Stormy grey skies,
Ink black waves,
Hugging me, 
Choking me,
Mouthful of briny water,
Arms lashing about,
Trying to keep myself afloat,
While looking around with hope.
A strange dream it was,
Last night.
When it was calm outside.
And the barn owl cooed softly,
As a mouse scurried along to hide.

A Gift

I rub my eyes vigorously,
Till I see stars in the daylight.
Sunlight streams in,
Through the dusty window.

The dewdrops sparkle,
On the green grass outside,
While the bees buzz dreamily,
Around the honeysuckles.
I hear the Wind whispering to me,
Hinting at me to guess.
Carrying the sweet aroma.
Intoxicating me with happiness.

She sends me a gift every morning.
Mother Nature.
A sight to behold.
To marvel at.
To dissolve in.
To forget myself.


First day of swimming lessons,
"Keep your fears aside", they said to me,
And when you're in the water,
Just relax, let go and be.
And you'll float effortlessly.

The Eureka moment, 
It hit me then.
Life's like that.
You got to find the courage within,
To float amidst a pool of dreams,
Emerge when you're ready
And watch the world with glistening eyes of Hope.


It's golden they say,
Overwhelming you at first, But gradually bringing you peace. The soul knows the language like no other, Silence.
Sometimes a much needed respite, Like a short vacation, Healing you and launching you forth. Silence.
And then one day, the words burst forth, Like the first spring flowers after a snowy winter, Bringing color to the white, Movement to the still air.

The Book

I found a book lying on the seat,
On the Express Train.
An old tattered one,
Bookmarked with dog eared pages.
I waited for someone to notice it too,
But nobody there was.
I picked it up and peered at it.
No author. No title.
Carefully flipping through the pages,
Worn with age & use,
I find it filled with questions.
Thousands of them.
One after the other.
"Where are the answers?", I wonder.
I turn to the last page and find the title there.
One word. 
"Life", it said. 
And I get my answers,
To all the questions.