Charmed by the bees buzzing,
Over the bright yellow sunflowers,
She loses herself in a reverie,
As the Koel sings from afar.

The wind calls out to her,
Luring her with the sweet scent 
Of the fresh jasmine blooms,
While the river belts out a soft musical rhythm.

Lost to the world,
A gleam in her eyes,
Marvelling at the mysteries
Of the Universe,
She sighs.


When the flowers first bloomed,
Ecstatic, I was.
But, impatient to catch the fruit,
The fruit of hard work.

Two days passed,
Brown withered flowers,
Dropping off the stem,
Into the wet soil.
There were no promises made,
Yet expectations there were,
Of the fruits of labor.

Maybe, the flowers had wanted to see me smile.

The Drive

A long journey it was,
As the hills rolled past us,
Covered with green shrubs & tall trees,
The monkeys leaping merrily,
While a Koel called out from an overhead branch.

Happy I was,
Though the horizon was nowhere to be seen,
Enjoying the drive.

The green foliage was a comforting cover,
While the cry of the birds, a reassuring presence,
Of life.
As the sun dipped lower,
Out came the crickets, chirping loudly.
As if, the forest wanted to keep us company.

Half of a Halo

I sit by the Stream,
Which gurgles cheerfully,
Playing with the rocks,
Jostling them,
Toppling them over. 
I wait till you arrive. It's been a while. And I'm growing impatient.
Last time I saw you, It took me sometime, To regain my senses. You looked pretty  As you quietly appeared. Over the green meadows, With your myriad hues.
The clouds await your arrival too, While the Sun peeps out,
A silver lining.
There, there! I see you now. Like the half of a halo. The Rainbow.