The Dawn of 365 Chances

The morning of a brand new first day of a new year is exhilarating. The thought of all the possibilities, adventures and happiness in store leaves one with a myriad of emotions. It always amazes me, that though everything around us is the same when we wake up, the feeling of excitement is unsurpassed. We are charged up to do better, work harder and be happier. Mother Nature shows no signs of change though. The white blankets of snow continue covering the vast expanses of land, the Sun still rises bright as ever and the furry animals are in deep hibernation till Spring. 
This leaves me thinking, that if only we prepare ourselves to believe that every day or even every month holds better opportunities. Easier said than done! But definitely worth a try! Starting my new year with this thought..
Wishing all you guys, a HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018! 


Do you remember the night, the crescent Moon shone red?
Rising in the horizon just when the Sun had set?
Feeling out of place, she still arose,
Confident yet mysterious,
A sight to behold.
Unveiling a part of herself
To comfort Darkness.

A little more she revealed each day,
Shining brighter along the way.

Do you remember the Night, she never came?
When the Sun had set and in the horizon we gazed?
And then we knew, 
Cause we peered hard,
For there she was wearing a cloak of Darkness,
And how the Stars shimmered brighter than ever,
Rejoicing the grand reunion
Of Celestial grandeur.

A Jigsaw Puzzle

Your Life's like a puzzle,
Did you know?
Add one piece today
But you might have to remove one the next day.

The ones that fit will stay,
The ones which don't will go away.
Enjoy the puzzle, it's just a game,
A challenge- both pleasure and pain.
Cherish each piece, cause it'll be beautiful,
But don't get attached, 
For it might not feasible.

Remember to keep moving the pieces
Till you can see
What a beautiful masterpiece it has come to be.


A cold winter evening,
Hot chocolate & marshmallows,
A good book,

Warm feet,

Early mornings,
The soft chirp of a sparrow,
A new rose bloom,
The fragrance of lemon grass,
Hot tea.

Smiles all around you,
A tear gleaming in the corners of your eyes,
Hard work pays.
Quiet joy.

A call from your loved one,
Your pet waiting for you by the door as you enter,
Traveling into the wilderness,
A kiss under the stars,
Sea shells and star fish,
Making someone smile,
Dancing till your feet hurt,
Meeting a long lost buddy.

Happiness is simple.
Isn't it?


Faint golden sunlight sparkles 
Through the thin foliage of the Oak
As another golden leaf falls down
On the pathway 
Laying to rest
Amidst the hundred others.

In the crisp chilly breeze,
Even the mighty Oak shudders
As winter approaches steadily
Cloaked in white.

Nature paints in beautiful colors 
Even as she lets go
Of old dreams
For newer miracles.

Have you observed?
You are a beautiful sight too
When You are vulnerable,
Awaiting magic with no inhibitions.
An Autumn within.

 (Image source- Google)