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Launch of Margaret Dabbs London by MyGlamm

MyGlamm, India's premiere at home beauty service app, launched services by Margaret Dabbs London on June 8, 2016.
Margaret Dabbs is a world renowned Podiatrist and has pioneered the “Medical Pedicure” along with setting up several Foot clinics. She has created a range of feet and hands productsthat fuse both health and beauty under the brand- ‘Margaret Dabbs London’.
The products are made with superingredients including AustralianEmu Oil which is known for its incredible healing and hydrating properties. Ms. Jo Gaglani, Director, Sanctum Spa and Wellness Pvt Ltd now brings Margaret Dabbs London to India.

The launch event held in Mumbai offered its guests to indulge and pamper themselves with Margaret Dabbs pedicures and manicures for fabulous hands and feet. I got a lovely pedicure done and was left beaming after the treatment. 
Unlike other pedicures, the effects of this one lasts for more than 15 days. The "dry" pedicure took about 30-40 minutes and was really well d…

Haiku #5

The dark night sky twinkled

A match between the fireflies and the stars

Wanting to spread Light.

Do you fight to give out a light of Hope too

On a dark day to someone?

The Case of the "Oh-so Cool Weekend"

I've caught myself wondering a lot lately about the significance attached to doing something "cool" every weekend. Now, the definition of "cool" may vary from person to person. But my point here is - everybody these days wants to be seen doing these "cool" things. From the number of check-ins on social media at restaurants, movie theaters, vacations, or other activities, somehow "cool" is mistaken for a peaceful weekend. 
On a Monday morning, the first thing you're greeted with is "Hey, what did you do over the weekend?" And, oh the pitiful looks you'll get when you say, "I chilled at home & finished a novel". Cause obviously, that's plain boring. Everyone's idea of a weekend differs. You may have helped out at home, finished that interesting piece you were penning, gone on a long walk by yourself, caught up on some reading etc. If it makes you happy, DO IT. There is a lot of importance suddenly being a…