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Do you remember the night, the crescent Moon shone red?
Rising in the horizon just when the Sun had set?
Feeling out of place, she still arose,
Confident yet mysterious,
A sight to behold.
Unveiling a part of herself
To comfort Darkness.

A little more she revealed each day,
Shining brighter along the way.

Do you remember the Night, she never came?
When the Sun had set and in the horizon we gazed?
And then we knew, 
Cause we peered hard,
For there she was wearing a cloak of Darkness,
And how the Stars shimmered brighter than ever,
Rejoicing the grand reunion
Of Celestial grandeur.

A Jigsaw Puzzle

Your Life's like a puzzle,
Did you know?
Add one piece today
But you might have to remove one the next day.

The ones that fit will stay,
The ones which don't will go away.
Enjoy the puzzle, it's just a game,
A challenge- both pleasure and pain.
Cherish each piece, cause it'll be beautiful,
But don't get attached, 
For it might not feasible.

Remember to keep moving the pieces
Till you can see
What a beautiful masterpiece it has come to be.