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Having a crazy imagination, I spend most of my time thinking and dreaming- sometimes works in my favor, sometimes does not. So, the other day, the thought struck me when I saw a tree- it was completely bare- a few leaves here and there. That got me wondering. This very tree which provides shade to passing pedestrians with its green foliage in summer, blooms delicate flowers , which later bear fruit , so easily lets go of everything and takes a new form again- in Spring with new shoots and tiny green leaves. Maybe it's the way of nature- a bear hibernates, a snake sheds its skin et al. Is it the same with us-human beings? Which time of the year do we dedicate to letting go, to rest and to rise again, renewed with hope and vigor? We do it when we have no choice. In recent times, yoga, meditation, Vipasana etc. have gained wide popularity. Drowned in a constant dizzying pace of life, the soul needs a renewal of new energy too. So, the next time- take a break when you want to, not whe…


It came out of nowhere,
Creeping about on the roofs & walls,
They tried cutting it, to stop it from growing.
But spread it did, entwining itself on the branches & the hedge.

One day when they woke up, 
The garden was bathed in crimson hues,
Flower petals glistened with fresh dew drops,
The sun rays softly beamed down.
The Weed had finally bloomed.


The distances grew
Like the sea from the shore during a low tide
Conversations became shorter
And the laughter was forced
On the verge of collapse
Came a full moon night,
And the waves lashed forth again
With renewed vigor.
A new cycle. 

Launch of Margaret Dabbs London by MyGlamm

MyGlamm, India's premiere at home beauty service app, launched services by Margaret Dabbs London on June 8, 2016.
Margaret Dabbs is a world renowned Podiatrist and has pioneered the “Medical Pedicure” along with setting up several Foot clinics. She has created a range of feet and hands productsthat fuse both health and beauty under the brand- ‘Margaret Dabbs London’.
The products are made with superingredients including AustralianEmu Oil which is known for its incredible healing and hydrating properties. Ms. Jo Gaglani, Director, Sanctum Spa and Wellness Pvt Ltd now brings Margaret Dabbs London to India.

The launch event held in Mumbai offered its guests to indulge and pamper themselves with Margaret Dabbs pedicures and manicures for fabulous hands and feet. I got a lovely pedicure done and was left beaming after the treatment. 
Unlike other pedicures, the effects of this one lasts for more than 15 days. The "dry" pedicure took about 30-40 minutes and was really well d…

Haiku #5

The dark night sky twinkled

A match between the fireflies and the stars

Wanting to spread Light.

Do you fight to give out a light of Hope too

On a dark day to someone?

The Case of the "Oh-so Cool Weekend"

I've caught myself wondering a lot lately about the significance attached to doing something "cool" every weekend. Now, the definition of "cool" may vary from person to person. But my point here is - everybody these days wants to be seen doing these "cool" things. From the number of check-ins on social media at restaurants, movie theaters, vacations, or other activities, somehow "cool" is mistaken for a peaceful weekend. 
On a Monday morning, the first thing you're greeted with is "Hey, what did you do over the weekend?" And, oh the pitiful looks you'll get when you say, "I chilled at home & finished a novel". Cause obviously, that's plain boring. Everyone's idea of a weekend differs. You may have helped out at home, finished that interesting piece you were penning, gone on a long walk by yourself, caught up on some reading etc. If it makes you happy, DO IT. There is a lot of importance suddenly being a…


When you feel like you are grasping at thin air,

And miss the foothold,


When it's not been one of your best days, 

And yet, you are trying your best, 


In the daily race to excel, we overthink & over analyze,

Ruining the wait for the end result sometimes.

So, let go and Breathe.


I wonder what you think,
When the pauses get too long,
Is it the same things as me?
Has it been like that all along?

When my thoughts chatter loudly
Wanting to slip out,
Do you notice the smile
That quietly hides it all?

Maybe the minds converse
In a language of their own.

Yet I never fail to wonder
How it would have been
If we had just said it all.

Waves of Gold

The clouds looked dark & swollen,
As if a thousand tears would flow all of a sudden,
Just then a flash of lightning lit up the whole sky,
Alarming the flock of birds flying so high.

Thrown into a reverie,
She remembered a similar night,
When the thunder had boomed too close.
And a sudden flash had lit up the hay roof.
Her pleas for help had failed
While the golden waves danced around her.
Then all was quiet.

Nights like these,
She missed them.
Wondering whether they did too.


Promises made at sunset were important,

Dawn saw the light of what She had promised,

Flowers always bloomed,

Birds never failed to chirp,

Streams gushed with renewed vigor,

And the deer galloped with joy. 

Mother Nature always kept her word.

Food Review- OMG (Oh My Gorge) Resto Cafe

OMG a.k.a Oh My Gorge, is a brand new cafe in the western suburbs of Mumbai. With uber cool interiors & lip smacking food, this place is a must visit on any foodie's list. Located in a quiet lane in Lokhandwala, the first look of the cafe reminded me of a European cafe. It offers Continental cuisine (both vegetarian & non vegetarian). 

And I was all set to experience the" OMG way"

Happy Blogiversary - Turning One !!

Today morning, when I woke up, something urged me to update my blog. In the past couple of months, I haven't written as much as I would have loved to. So, the first thing I did was to pen something down. 
I got down to blogging about the upcoming Festival, Holi. After feeling that familiar satisfactory feeling on completing my post, it struck me that, I had started blogging last year in March. Going back to my older posts, it turned out that I had started on this VERY DAY- March 16, 2015 !!! A coincidence ? The Universe, definitely gives you signs if you are missing out on important events. :-)
So, Life in Technicolor turns ONE today! Thank you readers for all the love, comments and feedback. I'm loving every bit of this awesome blogging journey & will appreciate your company.

Haiku #4

Like thunder & lightning 

One was all noise 

While the other, quiet light 

Joining hands 

To come together.

Holi: The Festival of Colors - #KhulKeKheloHoli

"Mix the blue & yellow properly.. it will give a darker color" "Do you think the golden and silver colors are enough?" "Where are the balloons?"
These would be some of the questions we would shoot as friends & the dilemma, we would face as kids, on the day before Holi. Comparing & deciding on the "loot" for the D-Day (Holi). Arguing over, who would be bringing what, well in advance, so that as mighty warriors we would be prepared to unleash the colors on all and sundry, for after all, it was a festival of joy, of colors & merriment.

Holi, a spring festival, is an ancient Hindu festival, which starts off with lighting a huge bon fire, known as the Holika. A symbolic legend surrounding a demon king, Hiranyakashipu; his son, Prahlad; and his evil sister, Holika surrounds this tradition. As kids, we would start collecting dry wood, leaves & bushes for the bonfire from about a month in advance. It was an important part of the Holi fes…

Review: Hair Ok Please- A New Salon in Town !!

So, recently, I got an opportunity to be a part of a launch of a brand new salon in Mumbai. Located in the Eros Building in Churchgate, "Hair Ok Please", is a uni sex salon catering to hair styling, nail care & makeup (on prior appointments). The quirky name, attracted me & the decor of the salon, lives up to its name. It is a bright and cute place with brilliant design with doodled walls. You feel the positive vibes as soon as you enter. I've put up some pictures from the salon here.

Haiku #3

A thunderstorm or a golden sunset 

The thrill of watching Nature 

Expressing Herself.

Haiku #2

It was a fight

Between the Frost & the tiny bud, 

The Sun intervened, 

And up came a beautiful sunflower

Haiku #1

The wind whispered

The leaves murmured in agreement 

The moon blushed & hid behind the clouds.

The Time Traveler

She loved the travel,

Within an instant, transporting herself

To distant exotic lands,

To bygone days & the distant horizon,

People called her a dreamer,

But she knew she was a traveler,

Having perfected the art of time travel,

Close friends with memories & dreams,

A vagabond to this world.

Book Review : 'The Bestseller She Wrote' by Ravi Subramanian

Title: The Bestseller She Wrote Author: Ravi Subramanian Publisher: Westland Books Pages: 391 Genre: Romance Thriller Price: 295 Over the past few months, my speed of reading has considerably reduced- what with exams, assignments, events etc.. So, when the opportunity came to review this one, I vowed to finish reading this one within a week. It helped cause it's a thriller. And Ilove thrillers. It took me 4 days to finish reading it completely. The story is gripping, intense with several twists. After having read, "God is a Gamer", I was sure that this was going to be another interesting one too.

The story is about Shreya Kaushik, an IIM alumnus, Aditya Kapoor, a famous banker turned writer & Maya, his wife. Set in the background of the corporate world, it gives us a glimpse into the world of publishing as well. Personal ambitions, professional & personal commitments and love, all clash together throughout the story. Although the book starts out with a romantic plot, i…

Is it a "Gold Morning" yet?