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Did you #HugYourDad this Father's Day?

My father has been one of the most important people in my life & I'm sure this stands for many of you as well. Dad is a girl's first superhero & role model. He pampers you & scolds you as well. And that's what makes them so special. Dads mostly never display too much affection but ask them for the stars & they'll try to get that for you as well.
Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad, and that's why I call you dad, because you are so special to me. You taught me the game and you taught me how to play it right. ~Wade Boggs Some of the important lessons Dad gave me have  influenced me to live a happy & successful life:
To be happy with whatever you have. Dream but don't expect. Expectations ruin your life.Believe in the Almighty & have faith. He listens.If you work really hard & yet you don't get what you want, just accept it, its in your best interest.If it has to happen, it will.Enjoy life. Spend & l…

Dear Dad...

Yesterday was Father's Day, which is celebrated on the third Sunday of June, every year the world over. However, to be frankly honest, I've never done anything extra special for dad on this day. This is cause I stay away from home. I'm sure, you'll say, "You could have atleast sent flowers or some sweets" but knowing my dad, I know he wouldn't really appreciate such material gifts for the sake of a "Fathers Day"- yet another "day" made up by greeting card companies. I always make it a point to send across things he loves- sweets, shirts etc. whenever I'm going home or via someone if I'm not visiting. But, I've seen real joy in Dad's eyes when I excel at something, and I can "hear" him smile, when I call him to tell him how happy I am with whatever it is that I'm doing. Of course, he likes gifts, who doesn't? But in life it is only our parents who will always appreciate genuinely & rejoice with you …

Smell Check in the Banerjee Household

Calcutta. This city is really special for me as I’ve been staying here since the past 17 years. My great grandfather came to Calcutta in the 1900s in search of a job & ever since, my family lives here. My parents, my brother, me & our cocker spaniel, Oscar live in Tollygunge.

 I finished my boards last month & am all set to go to college from next week. My brother, Animesh just started his first job with a bank. All of us were very happy for him as he’s always dreamt of working in the financial services industry. Hence, mom & dad had been planning to throw him a small party to celebrate his success. I had been in charge of calling all the guests. Since this was to be a small affair- only close family was to be called. Preparations started.

Lakme Lip Love Care- My Review

Hello Guys,

Been wanting to start my "Beauty Product Reviews" section since some time. So, today, I finally got down to it. My first product is "Lakme Lip Love Care". I'm currently using the Vanilla flavor & loving it. I bought the product after being completely attracted by the pretty packaging & was intrigued by the vanilla flavor. I've always used either strawberry, cherry or orange.

What is Lakme Lip Love Care?
It is an intensively moisturizing lip balm which hydrates your lips. This first ever dual core lip balm has a creamy inner core that keeps lips moisturized throughout the day and an outer swirl of colour that gives your lips a lovely tint. What makes this product even better is the SPF 15 content that protects your lips from sun damage.

"Fresh"ers Night with a #MaxFreshMove

"The Best Moments in Life always seem to fly by"- I completely agree with the quote. First year of college had gone by in a flash. I still remember the Freshers night, the ragging, the long exam trials & here I was, embarking on the second & final leg of my campus journey. Overcome with mixed feelings, I went through the photos on my phone. What a fun filled year it had been! But life must go on..

My #MaxFreshMove: A Musical Flashdance

I had always wanted to enroll into a dance academy since my teenage years, to learn some of those amazing steps I watched my favorite movie stars do on television. But I never had seriously given it a thought. Hence, a couple of months back, when one of the popular dance academies in Mumbai started a new center two blocks always from my house, I immediately went ahead. I got myself registered for the weekend batch & was super excited. My first class was way beyond my expectations - I made new friends, got an amazingly talented teacher (who appreciated me right on my first day!) & learned several dance moves.

"Lambi Innings Ki Taiyari" with Reliance Capital & BlogAdda

On the 6th of June, Saturday- Reliance Cap along with BlogAdda organized an informative session, “Lambi Innings Ki Taiyari”, on investment planning for retirement. This was my first BlogAdda event & I was really excited. And let me tell you, the session was a smashing hit with the audience! The board room was packed when I reached, & we were soon joined by some of the senior officials of Reliance Capital Asset Management- Sundeep Sikka, Himanshu Vyapak, Ajay Jethi & Sharad Goel.

Shopping the "E" way

Lately, I've been shopping online quite frequently. The e-bug finally bit me! I used to shop for big ticket electronic items earlier as well, but this time, I bought clothes, FMCG items & fresh fruits online. Various reasons for this. The sweltering heat forbade me from stepping outside except for office.I'm always lazy to shop & wait till the need becomes super urgentNo time- though this item appears repeatedly on my list throughout the year