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The "autumn" season has always intrigued me. The month of October in some countries of the world is marked by a beautiful change of scenery, of the weather, with Mother Nature moving towards cold harsh winter months. Here, in India, we hardly experience this season. 

I think, its a fascinating change, to shed your old skin, be bare for a while & later come up again rejuvenated. Some animals & reptiles do that too. Hibernating through the winter months.
Alas, if only humans could do that. Or maybe we can. Once a year, to let go of the seemingly dead things in our life- meaningless relationships, unnecessary junk around the house, of the negative feelings & just be.  Lie low for a month. Give your body time to recuperate, to dwell in the bliss of nothingness. It need not be a month. A week maybe. 
Maybe, different spans of time for different people. But worth a try, I guess. It definitely isn't going to be easy. To bare your soul in the harsh times, to take aside …


She fought through the fog,
Trying to reach the light..
But the horizon kept moving further
"Am I in a dream?", she wondered,
Pinching herself hard on her arm to make sure

Suddenly, she was blinded by the sparkling lights
Blinded & overwhelmed, she caught herself from tumbling over..
The fog had suddenly disappeared
She stood straight & tall,
Confident like never before.

The curtains moved in the light breeze,
The weak morning sun rays gleamed into her eyes..
Reflecting the sparkle within her,
Waking up to red marks on her arm,
She smiled to herself,
Ready to face the day.