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Having a crazy imagination, I spend most of my time thinking and dreaming- sometimes works in my favor, sometimes does not. So, the other day, the thought struck me when I saw a tree- it was completely bare- a few leaves here and there. That got me wondering. This very tree which provides shade to passing pedestrians with its green foliage in summer, blooms delicate flowers , which later bear fruit , so easily lets go of everything and takes a new form again- in Spring with new shoots and tiny green leaves. Maybe it's the way of nature- a bear hibernates, a snake sheds its skin et al. Is it the same with us-human beings? Which time of the year do we dedicate to letting go, to rest and to rise again, renewed with hope and vigor? We do it when we have no choice. In recent times, yoga, meditation, Vipasana etc. have gained wide popularity. Drowned in a constant dizzying pace of life, the soul needs a renewal of new energy too. So, the next time- take a break when you want to, not whe…