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A Dream Come True :)

The past fortnight has been like a dream to me. First, I got an opportunity to meet Ranbir Kapoor & yesterday, I met Deepika Padukone. It was a launch of the Piku Melange collection. Piku is an upcoming movie starring Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan & Irfaan Khan in the lead roles. It revolves around the relationship between a father & daughter with Irfaan Khan playing Padukone's romantic interest.

Celebrating the Journey called "Life"


Star Struck

I'm a huge RK fan. RK a.k.a Ranbir Kapoor, Bollywood's heart throb. He's a brilliant actor with chiseled looks. I got an opportunity to meet him & Anushka Sharma yesterday for a special preview of the song, Mohabbat Buri Bimaari from their upcoming movie, Bombay Velvet. A well known production house, organized the meet n greet contest exclusively for its fans. Bombay Velvet is releasing on the 15th of May worldwide & has Anushka & Ranbir as lead actors. I'm liking the music from the movie. 

So, yesterday was a landmark day. Marked & highlighted in my calendar. :) Ranbir & Anushka were sweet & posed for photos with each of us who were there. Ranbir was his playful self. We were the so called "lucky fans" selected from all over India. Luck sure was smiling upon me! We were shown the preview song & later allowed to take pictures & autographs!

Brilliant day! :) A well organized event!

Read & Blog

I'm excited. Elated is the word actually. At 1AM in the morning. Hence, the need for this post at this odd hour. So, here's why. As you'll know (from my older post), I'm a new blogger on the block. Still discovering the new world & loving it. 

In the past couple of days, I've discovered that I can link two of my passions- writing & reading together via my blog. There are some great review programs for new books, book challenges which you can set for yourself & other exciting stuff! I've applied to some & Oh!, I can't wait.

So, the coming days will see some book reviews. I've already read 3 books this year, so have some backlog reviews too!


Tomorrow never comes...

I have exams just round the corner.. And guess what? I haven't touched my books.. Lately, I've started procrastinating a lot. I think it started around a year & a half back. I wasn't always this way. I loved completing tasks before time (sometimes a week prior) & sit back , relax.  

Flash Fiction- 2 Stories

My attempts at flash fiction. 

1.  She loved dressing up for him. The wrinkles on her face were however getting difficult to
He smiled down from the picture on the wall. The same broad smile which made her happy 

2.  Exchanging garlands amidst a hundred eyes & shehnai music,
    They looked content & happy as life inside her stirred