Tomorrow never comes...

I have exams just round the corner.. And guess what? I haven't touched my books.. Lately, I've started procrastinating a lot. I think it started around a year & a half back. I wasn't always this way. I loved completing tasks before time (sometimes a week prior) & sit back , relax.  

What made swing me the wrong path? Well firstly, I wouldn't say its the wrong way to go cause one ends up becoming more spontaneous. Obviously there are downsides to this which we all know. You may be caught up elsewhere at the last minute, work may pile on & you may suffer anxiety attacks..Hmmm.. But its worked well for me so far (Touch wood !)

I've learnt that when you are dealing with procrastinators you'll have to become one, else end up becoming unhappy & irritated. Changes will pour in at the last minute, timelines will shift, you'll be moved to a new project etc., all in all, you'll end up reworking! And I detest that. Reworking is difficult especially when you've toiled so hard for the final report/exam which gets cancelled & rejected.

Procrastination is different from planning. I'm a planner. And a big one! I like to make "To Do lists", chalk out schedules & do everything in meticulous order. But implementing them is what I'm slipping on. Hence, I usually plan tasks keeping a buffer of a day or two.

Would love to hear from you guys on your style of working. Are you spontaneous & do you derive energy from doing things at the spur of the moment or are you a planner? Do you procrastinate too?


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