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The Rose

The evening sun had just set,
The last of the dim twilight rays 
Shone through the thick green foliage
Of the garden trees
And suddenly, I spotted a big red rose,
Fallen on the ground,
Wilting yet beautiful,
Plucked yet fragrant.

Some age like that,
Growing more beautiful by the day
Glowing with contentment
From the golden years. 

Repair it. Fixit.

When was the last time you went for a check up? Doesn't your body give you signs that you need something? And then one fine day, give way unless you take good care of it. It's the same case with the house you stay in. Any building needs constant maintenance what with the heavy rains, the constant direct sun and wear & tear. Externally, a building may look okay but internally be damaged. Old, dilapidated buildings are seen at every nook & corner in Mumbai. You'll find one on every street and there's always the horrifying news of a building collapsing. But even then, the repairs are always postponed. Building failures can be divided off into two broad groups of structural failures & application failures. Most of the building collapses are due to low quality of material used, inadequately trained manpower and inadequate supervision in constructing the multi storey structures so commonly seen. Structural audit is a must for every building. Most societies consid…


Twirling her curls around her fingers,
Untangling the complicated knots 
Of love & pain,
She looks into the distance at the golden glow
Of a Twilight sun 
Which teaches her to let go 
And allows darkness take over..

For tomorrow is a new day
For dreams, hope & love,
When they tangle together into the soul
To make her the one.