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Of Love & Longing

The echoes of laughter rang through,

Quick glances & quiet smiles being exchanged,

Of walks in the park & some friendly banter,

Her heart strings tugged lightly.

She longed for a conversation,

A real one, for she hated small talk.

Maybe she missed him even before meeting him.

Sugar Free Dessert Challenge: Nutty Chocolate Biscuit Cake

This Diwali, I made these nutty biscuit cakes & they turned out yum! When you pop one into your mouth, you won't even know, that the recipe is so simple. I've made these a couple of times earlier & they're always a great dessert when you crave for a sweet after a meal.

So here goes:

Time required- 4 hours

12 digestive/Marie biscuits
1 cup toasted almonds/Pistachio/cashew nuts/dates
¼ cup cocoa powder
2 tbsp butter/vegetable oil
1 tbsp. honey
1 tbsp water
Sugarfree Natura pellets as per taste

Dry roast the nuts of your choice (I added cashews, dates and walnuts) for a few minutes and crush lightly to get a coarse powder. Add finely chopped dates to the mixture of roasted walnuts & cashews.

Break all the biscuits ( I used digestive biscuits, you can also use Marie biscuits) into small pieces.

Heat butter or vegetable oil (odorless) in a pan and add cocoa in it. Mix the syrup well, take pan off the flame and pour honey in the cocoa syrup. Add sugarfree natura t…

Wrapped !

So, since the past few days, I've had too many things on my mind. Too many to keep a tab of them, myself! Hence the wordcloud. 

I used a cool internet application to depict all of it on my mind. And I've still missed many such as writing, presentations, blog, events etc. 


Heidi is one of my most favorite cartoons of all time. I remember rushing home from school, to first switch on the TV to watch Heidi. So recently when I got hold of all the episodes once again, my happiness knew no bounds. 
Heidi is a story about a young girl in the Swiss Alps, who lives with her grandfather & his dog, Joseph. Orphaned when she was just a baby, Heidi is raised by her aunt who later has to leave her in the care of her grandfather in the mountains.Her grandfather is known to be at odds with the village folk & lives by himself in a cottage high up in the mountains. It is adorable to see how his heart warms up with Heidi's daily talk & activities. With her angelic face & heart of gold, Heidi makes everyone fall in love with her. 

There is so much to learn from each episode. Living a life of simplicity with the goats & amidst nature, Heidi shows us the strength of character, of adjusting easily in harsh environments & winning over everyone by pure…