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"I dream, therefore I exist"

Review & Giveaway: Garnier White Complete Fairness Cream And Face Wash

The Garnier White Complete Fairness range consists of a cream and a face wash and I recently took up the 7 Day Garnier Challenge. You too can be a part of the campaign where Garnier will send across the products. Read on to know more. 

Garnier White Complete Fairness Cream

Price: Rs.160 for 40 grams

The cream is thick in consistency but light when used on the skin. I am one of those blessed with a skin neither too dry, nor too oily, so I used the cream as a day cream. It has a SPF 19 PA+++ sun protection which acted as a sunscreen. However, for those with an oily skin, I recommend to use it along with some powder to avoid the skin from getting clogged. The cream does have a whitening effect.

Garnier White Complete Fairness Face Wash

Price: Rs.145 for 100 grams.

Garnier White Complete Face Wash is of a thick consistency and lathers really well. It has a refreshing lemon fragrance & gives an instant whitening effect, after washing the face. However, this does not last too long. It is a…

Book Review : The House that BJ Built by Anuja Chauhan

Publisher: Westland Books

Genre: Drama (Fiction)

Binding: Paperback 

Pages: 410

Anuja Chauhan's, The House That BJ Built , is the second of the Thakur Girls trilogy & the madness of the characters of the rich Delhi family on Hailey road continues in this sequel. The  story this time revolves around the tussle for the 200 crore Hailey road property & shows the society's obsession with 'hissa', heirs & fake wills. A number of roadblocks hamper the sale of the property which the 4 daughters a.k.a the Thakur Girls, want to sell off.

" I’ll make my sisters squirm like well-salted earthworms.
I won’t sell. Even my jutti won’t sell. 
And if I die na, then even my gosht won’t sell! "

The book has three plots running simultaneously- the property tussle for the Hailey Road bungalow, Samar Vir Singh's quest for directing a film based on his great grandfather's true story & Samar & Bonu Singh's romance; which keep the reader entertained. The num…

Thank God for Weekends!

There are weekends where you are busy meeting friends, partying, finishing off the household chores & then there are those which are only meant for your own self, enjoying your own company, doing things you like. Happy weekends for me mean mean some of the following.

Movie Review: Bajranji Bhaijaan

So, after having read & heard uncountable reviews, I finally got round to watching the 500 crore blockbuster movie of 2015, "Bajrangi Bhaijaan". And let me tell you, I loved the movie. This, coming from a not so patient person who sat through a 3 hour movie, where every minute was worth it! 

Salman Khan is at his usual best & this may be one of his top performances of all times & the adorable six year old, Harshali Malhotra melted my heart with her dimpled smile & a power packed acting. Through her superb expressions, without a single dialogue, Harshali is clearly the star of the movie.
Shahida (Harshali), a six year old who cannot speak, is from Pakistan and gets separated from her mother on a trip to India. Salman Khan, plays Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi, a simpleton & a Lord Hanuman Bhakt who runs into Shahida & takes it upon himself to return the young girl to her family in Sultanpur, Pakistan. The story revolves around the trials, Pawan goes through to g…

Airtel 4G is truly the fastest network ever !!

"I'm so tired of this mobile internet connection!!" I overhear a conversation, today between 2 young office goers on the Mumbai Local. Having gone through this pain of slow Internet connection too, I'm curious to hear their views. The women continue their animated conversation, ranting & complaining that, despite customer service complaints, the network is terrible. I smile at them & start telling them my own story. They're happy that someone else is going through the same issue. But they're flabbergasted when they hear about the Airtel 4G service which I'm using since the launch & how its solved all problems of slow internet speeds. 
Bharti Airtel is the first telecom giant in India to launch the 4G service & its brilliant. The commercial launch of the high speed 4G services (also called LTE) in 296 towns across India was announced today by the largest telecom operator (by subscribers). They've challenged their customer t…