"Fresh"ers Night with a #MaxFreshMove

"The Best Moments in Life always seem to fly by"- I completely agree with the quote. First year of college had gone by in a flash. I still remember the Freshers night, the ragging, the long exam trials & here I was, embarking on the second & final leg of my campus journey. Overcome with mixed feelings, I went through the photos on my phone. What a fun filled year it had been! But life must go on..

Our senior year classes had already started & the juniors were to join the college next week. As a part of the Council, it was the duty of each us council members, to ensure that our juniors are made to feel comfortable, help them settle in & mingle with the seniors & be a "go-to" person for any queries. The Freshers Night would be the ice breaker every year & a welcome respite from the classes. It would be held 2 weeks after the juniors started classes. Our college's Freshers Night was always one of the most popular events in the whole campus. We made it a point to invite atleast one celebrity to add to the charged up evening. However, this year, we planned to surprise our juniors with two stars. After several rounds of brain storming, we decided to invite Allu Arjun- the popular Telugu movie star & Anushka Manchanda, the musical diva to the event. We got in touch with their managers, somewhat fearfully, as these two are extremely popular & getting their time would be difficult. But our joy knew no bounds when we learned that they were both free on that day.
Allu Arjun
Allu Arjun is a brilliant dancer & actor & has several awards to his name. We definitely wanted to "wow" our juniors with his dance moves. 

Anushka Manchanda
Anushka Manchanda, is a young singer who is known for her hit numbers such as Dum Maaro Dum, Allah Duhai Hai & several others. Her magical voice is a hit even internationally.

As expected, the Fresher's Night was a hit & everyone enjoyed themselves. We even had some of the teachers & our principal join in with us. We had also organized a rain dance on that day & Anushka & Allu Arjun joined the youngsters to shake a leg. We were ecstatic that we started the new year with oodles of energy & freshness. The event was covered by almost all the newspapers & spoken about for days amidst college goers in the city.

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