Dear Dad...

Yesterday was Father's Day, which is celebrated on the third Sunday of June, every year the world over. However, to be frankly honest, I've never done anything extra special for dad on this day. This is cause I stay away from home. I'm sure, you'll say, "You could have atleast sent flowers or some sweets" but knowing my dad, I know he wouldn't really appreciate such material gifts for the sake of a "Fathers Day"- yet another "day" made up by greeting card companies. I always make it a point to send across things he loves- sweets, shirts etc. whenever I'm going home or via someone if I'm not visiting. But, I've seen real joy in Dad's eyes when I excel at something, and I can "hear" him smile, when I call him to tell him how happy I am with whatever it is that I'm doing. Of course, he likes gifts, who doesn't? But in life it is only our parents who will always appreciate genuinely & rejoice with you in your happiness.

Neither my dad nor I are great talkers. However, when it comes to fighting for what is right, we will never back away. Often, I have friends telling me how courageously I behave ("like a boy" they say!). I'll attribute that to my parents especially dad who always told me to be brave, never to tolerate some wrong which is being done either to self or others. I always admire this quality of his. He's always the first one to jump up & help others, leaving whatever it was he is doing. But, he never expects anything in return. According to him, if you help others, only cause you want to be helped in return, it will never work. Do a good deed & feel happy about it. You will be rewarded somewhere someday. I try to keep this thought with me everyday.

Dad has always been there for me- right from waiting to pick me up from birthday parties late at night to college admissions, flat hunting etc. We do not chat daily for hours, but I know one SOS signal & he'll come right away to sort it out. My dad is not one to express his emotions openly, but he will be the telling mom to ask me this & that, when I speak to her. 

Being an only child, I was never close to any one parent. My parents on their part, have never said no to any of my demands EVER. They have always had trust in me & told me to go ahead if it makes me happy. I still remember, dad bringing home gifts on the last day of my exams or asking me what I wanted, because he never cared for the results. They knew I had given it my best. So, this Father's Day, hoping to make you proud always, Pa. Big Hug!

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