Being a "Secret Keeper"

Star Movies is known to engage its audience with various contests & secret screenings since some time now. I was lucky to get invited to one of such secret screenings held at Mumbai yesterday-March 18. The buzz on Twitter was building up since the past few days. Tweeters were making estimated calculations to guess which movie would be showcased. I was excited out of my wits.

    Finally, I got a confirmation call on the 18th morning to confirm my invite & if I would be able to make it. I wouldn't have missed this opportunity for the world. The world of mystery, thrill & secrets has always intrigued & pulled people towards itself. One gets attracted to that aspect kept a secret rather than things out in the open. That's human nature for you. Coming back to the screening, my friend & I were at the PVR cinemas sharp at 8pm. We could see a lot of excitement & a long queue as well. Names were checked & ticked off & we were handed cool masks & a gift card worth 300 bucks. The royal treatment had just started!

   We made our way to the screen marked out for us. There was still some time left, so we took some pics (Yes, yes, we took selfies as well!). Guesstimates were still on for the movie to be screened. And then we entered. We were lucky again! We got those last row recliner seats. What fun! Suddenly, a voice bellowed from the speakers, "Welcome secret keepers, the movie today will be "Broken Horses" & that we would be amongst the first in the world to watch the movie which would be releasing in the coming week. The movie is a brilliant one. Congratulations Mr. V. Chopra ! Its a story of 2 brothers & their fight against the world to protect each other. After some popcorn, sandwiches & soft drinks, we were ready for the climax.The movie ends on an emotional note.

 As we made our way out after the movie, we were gifted small cushions as takeaway gift. Altogether, a brilliant mid week surprise. Star Movies, you certainly succeeded at making your fans happy!

Looking forward to being invited for the next screening! ;)




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