Dhoni: The Man of Steel

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, also known as M.S Dhoni is the current captain of the Indian Cricket team. a well known figure & the nation's heartthrob- everyone from a 2 year old cricket fan to octogenarians know him. He has led the Indian Cricket team to several victories- 2007 ICC World Twenty20, the CB Series of 2007–08, the 2010 Asia Cup, the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup and the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy. Dhoni's been my favorite cricketer for years now (He's from Jharkhand too :) )& a huge source of inspiration.

Mahi (as he is fondly called) is known to be one of the few Indian captains with a rare ability to remain unflustered in stressful situations. His strong leadership is oft spoken about. Having a leader who knows how to handle pressure is a big factor, be it in the corporate world or on the field. His skill in handling the team has been exemplary and is something to look up to for people in various fields. When India had just about given up hope in 2011 World Cup finals, Dhoni was composed as usual & played the last overs superbly leading the team to victory. Team India won the World cup after 28 long years.

 "A man’s age is counted in numbers but his growth is measured in experience". Dhoni, 33, has now been the team captain for 7 years & we definitely can learn from his strengths.

  • Being a Team Player- Be it supporting & backing up new team players, letting the team bask in the glory of a victory or empowering players to take the decisions affecting them- we have seen Mahi doing it all. That's the primary difference between a boss & a leader. 
  • Handling Failures- Losing is part of a game & if you've given it your best, nothing else matters. He is seen to accept defeat without the slightest  hesitation.
  • Walk the Talk- When the team is poorly performing, Indian fans are always heard saying , "Dhoni is still remaining to bat. He will do something". Dhoni has been the man in crisis. A leader leads from the front.
  • Keeping Calm - I've personally never seen our hero losing his cool & swearing & fighting; be it with opponents or with his own team. His magnetic personality shows his maturity & keeps the team together. 

In one of his interviews, Dhoni said, "Dream, chase your dreams with all your might, but don’t get so obsessed that you lose sight of the reality. Cricket teaches you a lot in life, especially during the difficult times. It enriches your character in terms of how you behave when you’re down and not only try to improve yourself but help your team mates as well. You make sure that your team doesn’t feel that extra pressure by avoiding whatever can be avoided. As the leader you have to protect your team from any negativity that creeps in during these times. These have been very educational seven years of my life."
In a country where there is a shortage of good leaders, Dhoni has attracted goodwill & fans with his personal charm, charisma & leadership.


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