Nature: A Mother she is to All

Being a nature lover, I like the lessons Mother Nature imparts to us every day. Observing and learning from these has helped me on numerous occasions. So, I thought, I'll capture some:
  • Persistence- Go on,no matter what. The sun will always rise, despite the dark clouds, the thunder and the storm.
  • You're unique in your own way, bloom! A flower will bloom when it has to, without bothering about the one next to it.
  • Timing- There's a right time for everything. Neither late nor early, it'll happen when it has to. You cannot rush a sapling to grow into a tree overnight.
  • It's okay to change- Seasons come- the colors change and each one is beautiful in its own way.
  • Let go of the things, people, situations,thoughts you cannot manage. It's a process necessary for growth. Let the dead leaves fall, the tree will grow stronger. 
  • Be vulnerable, it's okay! Autumn makes even the mighty oak be vulnerable and shed its leaves. Sometimes, after a terrible storm, you'll notice a beautiful rainbow appearing in the horizon.
  • Waves come and go, but they leave a pattern on the shore. Some you'll meet and they'll be touch & go, but you will impact each one in some way.  Be kind.
  • Nurture- every living being be it a plant or an animal needs nurturing. Growth does not happen overnight!
  • Be rooted- Humility is attractive, however know your own self worth as well. Deep rooted trees aren't uprooted during storms.
Which ones do you value the most? :-) 


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