Want it? Do it.

When was the last time, you postponed something you really wanted to do? Calling a loved one, craving your favorite chocolate dessert but waiting till the weekend to order it, painting, writing an email/letter to a friend you've lost touch with , the list goes on.. We always somehow, put ourselves second. Trying to squish the desire right out of our minds to another time in the future when you can give yourself some time. 

Beginning this year, I decided to try it out! The tiny desires which I could treat myself to and get them right out of the way. That way, you're happy and there's no waiting. Who knows what the future holds? Think of a friend, call him/her immediately. Craving some Chinese food- why not? Want to catch the sunset- go for a quick walk and treat yourself. Aiming to be fit? Start today!

Our social system teaches us to sacrifice self and cater to others. Yes, one should most times. But, I've also realized that, you've got to put yourself first sometimes. You've got to take care of your own soul first before tending to others. Love is like that, only when you're complete with loving yourself, can you share that love with others. 

Don't you agree? :)


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